The Learned Angel at Forest Lawn Memorial Park

The Learned Angel located at Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Comfort in the Cemetery. The Learned Angel is a sculpture that was commissioned by the Learned family. With striking features and muted colors, this sculpture conveys loss, yet protection. Throughout the years she has been charged with protecting coins, a locket, and a note.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park is 349 acres of gorgeous statues, mausoleums, art, and cemeteries. Opened in 1885 this private cemetery is a landmark in Omaha, well-known for its variety of towering trees, wide-surfaced roads, rolling hills, and well-maintained cemeteries. There are many attractions worth viewing at Forest Lawn, but one in particular that stands out is the Learned Angel. This statue is located in Section 21, Lot 222.

The Learned Angel was commissioned by the Learned family, Mary and Myron, of Omaha, Nebraska.
Mary Learned, nee Poppleton, was born in Omaha, Nebraska on July 23, 1873. She attended Katherine Aiken School for Girls where she graduated as class poet and Anne Brown School in New York City. She held various positions throughout her accomplished life including working as a music critic for the Omaha Daily Bee, author, singer, and editor. Learned also worked as a director and member for various boards including the Omaha Society of Fine Arts, Omaha Visiting Nurse Association, Social Settlement Association, and the Garden Club.

Mary married Myron L. Learned, an attorney, on April 18, 1893. The couple did not have any children. Myron was the successor in a partnership at a prestigious law firm in Nebraska, Kennedy & Learned.
The sculptor of the piece was Natalie Verne Walker. She was an accomplished sculptor who was posthumously elected to the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame. A biography of the sculpture can be viewed in the eighth image.



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7909 Mormon Bridge Rd. Omaha, NE 68152 ~ The Learned Angel is located in Section 21, Lot 222. Link to map: