Sites of Queer Representation in Nebraska

As part of the conservative Midwest, Nebraska is not known for being open towards or embracing members of the LGBTQ+ community. According to the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), Nebraska is one of sixteen states in the US ranked with a "Low Policy Tally" for LGBTQ+ rights, scoring just 4 out of the 38.5 total possible points to show that LGBTQ+ people are protected by laws and policies.

Because of this, the LGBTQ+ community must establish their own spaces within the state to make connections with each other, to find like-minded people, and to explore queer-friendly art.

This tour highlights a few places in Lincoln and Omaha that are queer-friendly or queer-owned, including Das Haus drag bar, Indigo Bridge bookstore, and the Ruth Sokolof Theatre.

Lincoln’s Bookstore for Change

Bookstores are often overrun with what is typically defined as “classic” literature – a title too often attributed to straight white male authors and chronically exclusionary of queer voices. Indigo Bridge, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a bookstore…

The Das Haus Experience

As I exit my car, I notice the outside of the bar is not attracting much attention. The letters “HAUS” stand above the front entrance, and subtle streaks of neon blue and purple flash through the front windows. When I walk up to the front door, I can…

Honoring Omaha's LGBTQA+ Community Through Film

The Ruth Sokolof theater, a branch of Omaha’s beloved Film Streams, is located in North Downtown Omaha. Neighbored by other cultural centers such as the Slowdown and Saddle Creek Records, the theater stands as a pinnacle of representation and…