Lauritzen Gardens

Omaha's Botanical Garden

While Lauritzen Gardens is a year-round attraction for Omaha natives and visitors, the "living museum" achieves a sensation of comfort and compassion through the aesthetic of Lauritzen's many exhibits.

Lauritzen Gardens' way of remembering can be categorized in two ways: "In Loving Memory" and "Preserving Omaha." 

Below are images of that various ways Lauritzen Gardens helps us remember the people and places that have made Omaha a special place. 

  • Lauritzen Garden contains numerous dedications in memory of those that have passed. Each dedication serves to commemorate loved ones in a manner that immortalized the individual within the beauty housed inside Lauritzen Gardens. 
    • Family's that wish to honor a loved one can donate to Lauritzen Gardens to have a commemorative plaque installed in the location of their choosing. A choice such as this memorializes a loved one in a different perspective than visiting a cemeterery or burial site. A dedication at Lauritzen Gardens shares the memory of that loved one with all who visit Lauritzen Gardens. 
  • Not only does Lauritzen Gardens honor the people in our lives that have had an impact, it also honors the physical remains from Omaha's history. Several locations honor the history of Omaha through actual remnants from Omaha's historical architecture or through replica constructions that model both past and present architecture paramount to Omaha.



100 Bancroft Street Omaha, NE 68108