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Remembering Will Brown

4 Locations ~ Curated by Melissa Inmon, Danielle Rue, Sara Wilson
A mob of thousands of white people laid siege to the Douglas County Courthouse on Sept. 28, 1919. They meant to murder Will Brown, a black man in the courthouse jail who had been accused — wrongly, historians believe — of assaulting a white…

Civil War Memorials

3 Locations ~ Curated by Mel, Matt, Amanda
Civil War memorials across Omaha and Council Bluffs

A Century of Lead Rain: Omaha's Industrial Legacy

2 Locations ~ Curated by Robyn Tait, Fiona Smith, Dee Damskov
Along a sweeping curve of the Missouri River, Omaha’s revitalized riverfront hosts green parks, paved public spaces, and a graceful walking bridge. However, only twenty-five years ago this area was a hive of lead-based smelting and refining – with…