Omaha Greenspaces With Purpose

Greenspaces Intro

“Concrete jungle” and “paved paradise” are some of the cliches used to describe the urban sprawl that has occurred in cities like Omaha, NE. Environmentalist and those who appreciate the aesthetics of nature have pushed for changes and some have responded. For our walking tour, we chose three locations in the Omaha area that are not within walking distance of one another. However, they are parts of larger walking projects that offer a pedestrian as well as a green space feel.

The three locations we explored for this project were selected were for the multi-purposes, diverse locations, and variety of experiences. The first location selected was the OPPD Arboretum. It is an arboretum, park, and a classroom. The Sacred Seed Pop Up on 13th and Jackson was our second selection. Its unique location and expanded purpose helped get it onto our list. Lastly, we could not ignore the Hanscom Greenhouses and the park that surrounds it. The history surrounding the greenhouses and its commitment to expanding beautifully landscaped areas in the Omaha area got it on the list.

Others may venture to argue that there are other locations that could have made the cut, and they would be correct. However, we found these three locations to be of interest, even if we were visiting them in the freezing tundra of February, the wicked winds of March, and the magnificent blossoming time of April. We hope you will visit (or revisit) these locations with us, here, as well as in person.

OPPD Arboretum

The first thing visitors are likely to see is the OPPD substation as the power lines are high and stand out next to the trees. Turning off 108th and Blondo Streets like someone is going to the substation, visitors will encounter the OPPD Arboretum.…

Sacred Seed Pop Up A Downtown Living Gem

Sacred Seed Pop Up “This is a story of neighbors - of people living and working together - to bring forth a mosaic of plants, flowers, art, food, and soil… of generosity, fun, reverence, curiosity, and joy.” (“Up Oasis”) The above quote can be…

Historic Hanscom Greenhouse Keeps Renewing

Hanscom Park Greenhouses “Welcome to Historic Field Club” is the sign that greets you as you enter Woolworth from South 36th Street. You will note that at the base of this sign are an array of beautiful blooms of annuals and perennials, and that…